The price of a slice of Raspberry Pi is announced

by Paul on March 14, 2012

Now, you may be confused as to why this is making a story. Surely, the RPi is a $25 computer and costs $25, everyone knows that! Well, I was lucky enough to secure a pre-order a few weeks back and was greeted with a £29 invoice from Farnell/Element14. I was a little confused, but wanted to order my RPi before I was doomed to the 3yr waiting list like so many others have been. However, about 15 minutes later I started ‘Googling’ why the price was £29 inc delivery, and not $25. According to the currency conversion, $25 is approximately £15.95…wait a minute, i’ve just been charged DOUBLE (almost)!!! Well, perhaps The RPi foundation were a little ambitious and sales-man like in their $25 price tag, or perhaps the A-Model will actually be closer to that amount, but who cares?! I want my RPi, so I happily paid the difference albeit a little confused.

It seems I wasn’t the only one confused by the price though, and the RPi foundation have finally given some clarity over the pricing structure, with both RS components and Farnell finally determining a set price for the 2012 gadget of the year contender. Details of the price structure can be found on the official site, they’re a little too fiddly to go into here, but the UK price is about £29 and staying at that price. While it’s still cheap for what it does, some are commenting on how this suddenly makes the Apple TV price tag seem actually quite reasonable. The Apple TV comes in a really nice little case, has HDMI, some internal storage, WiFi b/g/n and a remote control///plus any other benefits I may have forgotten. However, unless you are willing to Jailbreak the Apple TV it is known for being somewhat of a closed system. Apple don’t exactly embrace the open source philisophy in life. So, all things as they are I still want my RPi, and I still want an Apple TV, but that will be more difficult to persuade the wife.

If you’re confused as to the pricing of the RPi, head over to the official site here and check out the pricing breakdown structure. And if you’re interested in acquiring one of these little beauties i’d register your interest now! Apparently ‘registered interest’ is still growing by 10 a minute so if you delay you’ll be in for an even longer wait.

In the mean time, have fun imagining all those fun things you will be able to do with the RPi.

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