PS Vita Gets Music Unlimited : Android Gets Offline Playback

by Matthew on March 9, 2012

Music Unlimited is now available on the PlayStation Vita. The service is accessible through an application that can be downloaded from the PlayStation store in the UK. As well as the Vita being capable of connecting to Music Unlimited, Sony has also announced that the Android version also now offers offline playback.

“Now you can download your Music Unlimited playlists and play the songs you’ve added to those playlists wherever you go, even places where you can’t get a mobile signal like airplanes or the back room of your relative’s house where you’re hiding because hey, you love them, but you just need a little peace and quiet before your aunt asks another question about how your dating life is going.”

For those wanting to use Music Unlimited, you’ll need a subscription for access unless you already subscribe on the PS3 for example.

Source Geeky Gadgets : Push : Sony

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