OpenELEC for Raspberry Pi

by Paul on March 14, 2012

Warning…this post is full of acronyms, but don’t worry as there are no buzz words!

Open Embedded Linux Entertainment Center (OpenELEC)is a nice little Linux distro made primarily for the creation of an optimised XBMC (formerly known as X-Box Media Centre) which can be run from a flash drive on a Home Theatre PC (HTPC).

Well, the nice people at OpenELEC have just announced their first ARM based distro, and along with it Raspberry Pi (RPi) support. What this means, is that if you desire a nice small media centre for your RPi you’re quids in…the hard work has been done for you. The RPi version weighs in at approximately 70mb, which for a full OS is tiny, and comprises the full OS, including XBMC, Python and all services and tools needed to run XBMC. We’ve provided a link to a video of the OS running on a beta version of the board. Apparently they’re just waiting for a production board to allow complete testing.

For me, I think i’ll be buying multiple RPi’s…well at least two. One will permanently be used as my media centre while the second will be for development and tinkering. Unfortunately, we’re all still waiting for our RPi’s to arrive, with demand still through the roof this isn’t going to be any time soon! But as soon as we do we’ll be updating the site with a nice little guide and review of our OpenELEC XBMC experiences with the RPi ;) Acronym heaven!!!

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