Infinity Blade II Prepped for iPad’s New Retina Display

by Martyn on March 16, 2012

Chair Entertainment’s second installment of Infinity Blade has already been widely met with critical acclaim due to it’s graphics, gameplay and style. The title had also been optimised for the iPhone 4S to utilise the device’s upgraded processors. Now though, in keeping with the latest gadget, Infinity Blade 2 has been updated once again, this time, to make itself even more beautiful on the ‘new’ iPad and run using all the extra pixels that Apple have crammed into their new tablet.

Released today, the new iPad touts some very impressive specs and everyone who has viewed or purchased one has been amazed by the quality of the screen, let alone everything else the device is capable of. Other news going round at the moment is that app that want to utilise the increased number of pixels could dramatically increase in size thus quickly filling up valuable storage space.

In fact, talking soley about the screen itself, what you get is a resolution of 2048 x 1536 which is better than most HD TV screens that are currently on the market. Further claims also suggest that the clarity you find is greater than the printed word (and I thought the screen on an iPhone 4 was pretty decent).

In spite of these impressive specs however, gaming on mobile devices such as the iPad, that will emulate what you find on today’s home consoles is still a little ways off. But that said, Infinity Blade’s developers are having a good go at it.

Now you can finally put your Russian or Swedish language skills to the test with Infinity Blade 2’s latest update

As well as a boost in resolution. Infinity Blade 2′ s update 1.0.3 has also added language support for Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese (In case you were wondering).

Infinity Blade 2 is currently available to download from the app store for around £4.99. Considering how good this game is, it’s not really considered too pricey. Well worth it!

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