Flight Control Rocket Review

by Matthew on March 16, 2012

Apple launched the new iPad today, referred to by some as the iPad 3. Crammed inside the new iPad is a Retina display allowing a seriously high resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels which essentially puts four times as many pixels on the screen when compared to the previous two generations of iPad. The result is simply amazing. But, this isn’t an iPad review (that will follow next week). What we are reviewing today is one of the first Retina optimised apps for the iPad. In this case, Flight Control Rocket which was launched yesterday just in time for the iPad arrival today.

To see the actual size of a Retina optimised image, click on the image above.

Flight Control Rocket is a sequel to the very popular Flight Control game. Rather than landing planes on to runway strips, the Rocket sequel has you control spaceships that land on various colour coded landing strips on a rocket. To differentiate a little from Flight Control, Firemint has managed to add a few new features to the game to keep the interest there.

First off, there are several types of spaceships that need to be landed. But, I hear you say that this is the same as the previous version… well, you are correct some what. FC Rocket has ships that follow each other in line, motherships that send out smaller ships from inside which you need to land, other ships that split in two as well as even larger motherships that contain 5 – 10 other smaller ships. When progressing through the game the extra “noise” of all the ships makes it a welcomed addition that keeps you a lot more busy.

When first starting the game a tutorial takes you through what you need to do to control each ship. It also explains a few of the differences although not all, the extra ones come up as you are playing the game.

Overall, I have mixed feelings about the game. Although the graphics are colourful and the changes in what need to be done make a welcome addition, there are a few things that bug me. For one, there’s just one soundtrack at the moment and although quite a funky tune that will probably stick in your head for days, it would be nice for several tracks. Also, EA/Firemint for some bizarre reason have opted to go for the “in app purchase” business model to try squeeze extra money out of the gamer. Although I don’t disagree with IAPs, it doesn’t seem fair on such a new game where there is still a lot of room for improvement (such as extra levels). Instead, users are to “buy their way through the game” even though paying for the game.

We expect the team behind it will expand the game a little in the near future to add more substance to it.

But… having said all that, I’d still re-download and spend my 69p again just because I do quite like the game. It just doesn’t quite cut it as a 4 or 5 star game just yet because of the annoying things listed above.

You can grab the game through the iTunes store or via the App Store on your iPad, iPhone etc… The game is universal so does install on other iOS devices linked to the account.

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